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JetQuad: Revolutionizing Aerial Transportation (April 2024)

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Jetquad Drone

The JetQuad, developed by FusionFlight, is a groundbreaking quad turbine VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) drone, poised to revolutionize transportation and logistics. With its unparalleled power and compact design, it's being hailed as the world's most potent and compact jet-engine drone with VTOL capabilities​​.

JetQuad Test Flight Filmed by Quadcopter

Compact and Ready to Fly

Remarkably compact, the AB6 JetQuad is comparable in size to a large suitcase. Its four microturbine jet-engines deliver a combined output of 700N. Impressively, it requires no assembly, is ready to fly straight out of the box, and operates efficiently in dense environments and rough weather​​.

Advanced Maneuverability and Fuel Versatility

The AB6 JetQuad can seamlessly transition from vertical takeoff to high-speed horizontal flight, thanks to its innovative Thrust-Vectoring System (TVS) and advanced control algorithms. It accommodates a variety of heavy fuels like Diesel, Kerosene, and Jet-A, offering exceptional versatility in operational terrains​​​​.

Simplified Design for Ease of Maintenance

FusionFlight's focus on simplicity results in the JetQuad having only eight moving parts: four turbines and four thrust vectoring nozzles. This design philosophy ensures ease of building and maintenance, making it an exceptionally user-friendly high-speed jet-powered drone​​.

FusionFlight JetQuad VTOL UAS "Hands-On" Introduction

Customizable and Upgradeable Features

The JetQuad platform supports engine sizes with thrust output ranging from 25N to 1100N, catering to different payload and range requirements. Additionally, it offers various electronic upgrades, including a SATCOM receiver for long-range missions and machine vision capabilities for navigating in rough terrain​​​​.

Efficiency and Aerodynamics

With its optional aerodynamic package, including a streamlined shell and retractable landing gear, the JetQuad gains significant fuel efficiency. This blend of aerodynamics and technology allows it to travel farther and longer​​.

Applications Across Diverse Fields

The JetQuad excels in delivering ultra-fast and heavy cargo, especially in areas lacking infrastructure. It's particularly effective for emergency medical supplies delivery, logistical support in adverse weather conditions, and pipeline surveillance for oil and gas companies​​​​​​​​.

Future Prospects: Transporting People and Reducing Noise

FusionFlight envisions the JetQuad evolving into a platform for transporting people, potentially transforming it into a flying car. They are also developing noise suppression technologies to minimize the impact of its high-frequency noise​​​​.

Environmental Considerations and Potential

JetQuad's turbine engines are less polluting than internal combustion engines and can run on biodiesel, highlighting a commitment to sustainability. Looking ahead, there's potential for even faster flight with upgrades like afterburners and Ramjet engines​​​​.

Pricing and Availability

The JetQuad VTOL Jet-Drone starts at $79,995 per kit, with additional costs for shipping and customs. It's available for shipping to most places globally from FusionFlight's facility​​.

In conclusion, the JetQuad represents a significant leap in drone technology, offering compactness, versatility, and efficiency. Its potential applications across various industries, coupled with its environmental considerations and futuristic design, position it as a key player in the future of aerial transportation and logistics.